Welcome to babyquick

The first reflection-token in Polygon that reflects 7% to QUICK. Invest in a high potential token that reflects a high potential token in the blockchain with bigger potential. Win-Win-Win.



Polygon Network an efficient and extremely low cost chain

Our mission is to facilitate the transition to a better network. We genuinely believe it will be the most important blockchain in 5 years, and we also want you to be able to make the transition as fast as possible to have the best results.

  • Low fees less than $0.002 per transaction
  • High transfer capacity Polygon is currently making 4 times more transaction per day than Ethereum.
  • Continuous improvement High profile dedicated team with plenty of updates to improve performance and capacity.



and earn QUICK

Just by holding $BABYQUICK you will be rewarded with 7% in reflection to QUICK. Every time someone buys and sells, holders are rewarded with our auto-claim feature.

Mininum 1 hour between rewards
We need volume to be able to reward


Why invest in babyquick?

Supports Polygon growth
Rewards Quick
Developing a game
NFTS Collection

We support Polygon

With our Double Faucet you get rewarded in both Matic and babyquick just for joining this amazing platform with ridiculously low fees.

Quick rewards

Just hold your babyquick tokens and you will get a part of our amazing 7% rewards. Enjoy our community and earn Quick day by day.
Reinvest your Quick into BQ and you will leverage your position; that´s the key to make yourself a whale.

NFT Collection

We are working on a handmade collection of Dragons. Which means we are not using any kind of library, nor vectors just pure art in a unique style.

NFT will be launched one a clear buying pressure allows the investors or holders of the NFT the deserved volume for the collection.

10,000 Dragons in total
7,000 Earth Dragons
2,000 Sea Dragons
1,000 Undead or Dark Dragons


babyquick's first 3D game

TheAman Studio is working in a buy and burn game about babyquick

The game will be purchasable from Steam. All proceeds received from sales will be used to buy and burn babyquick to support the project, not only helping the token, but giving it utility as well.

Click on the play button to see the trailer.

    August 2021

    Stealth Launch and getting our first members.

    August 2021

    Guerrilla Marketing. Listing in Coinhunt, Coinvote, CoinSniper. Professional Shilling. Shilling and Twitter Contest.

    August 2021

    Embassador Program. We will be helping people from BSC to understand and move to Polygon Network

    September 2021

    Website Update to 2.0

    September 2021

    Guerrilla Marketing Ads Campaigns + Influencers Shilling and Twittter contests, CG Submission.

    November 2021

    babyquick game launch on steam!


    Token Sale

    • Token name:babyquick
    • Ticker Symbol:BABYQUICK
    • Starting Price at launch$0.0000000012
    • Liquidity status:100% Locked
    • Launch date:3th August 18:00 UTC




    Our data


    Transaction/Transfer Fees

    Total token supply - 100,000,000,000

    • 1% DEV
    • 3% Liquidity
    • 4% Team & Marketing
    • 7% Holders